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  • avoxia:

    the worst thing about tumblr is that you read all those pro feminist/anti rape/anti misogyny posts all the time everyday and then you actually go outside and talk to a random guy and it feels like being punched in the face with a chair

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  • dajo42:

    "how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?????"

    great logic. totally sound. let’s follow it. have you ever tried being ejected into the vacuum of space with no protective suit? no? let’s give it a go then. i am literally going to thrust you into the void. you might like it!

  • freedomforwhales:

    Dolphins do NOT belong in the Las Vegas desert !!

    Please keep emailing the people in charge of the The Mirage Hotel and Casino. Your messages are being heard. You can use this template or feel free to write your own letter.

    David Blasko - Director of Animal Care - DABlasko@Mirage.Com
    Jim Murren - MGM Resorts CEO - MurrenJ@MGMResorts.Com
    Yvette Monet - Head of MGM PR - YMonet@MGMresorts.com


  • mydollyaviana:

    The Prince of Egypt conceptual art paintings by Paul Lasaine

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  • millennialau:

    Rev Sekou kneeled between protesters and police and prayed, then was thrown into a police vehicle with blood smears all inside of it.

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  • My homey, Adlai Stevenson — born about three miles from where I am sitting.

    Something to remember while traversing the outrage engine that is the contemporary internet.

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  • "You can tell the size of a man by the size of the thing that makes him mad."
  • Shhh! Big Sister doesn’t want you playing with me.

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  • roachpatrol:



    Cyber harassment study reveals the unsurprising!

    It still amazes me that I talk to guys who still think they get harassed just as much as women online. Like even from people who aren’t clearly and totally gross dumbasses. It kinda makes me think that, even in the best cases, it might be hard to really understand the sheer difference in frequency. You see a woman get harassed on a game and you go “Oh well I’ve been harassed” without understanding that there is seldom a session for her where that doesn’t happen or understanding what her inbox might look like…

    That is a sort of stunning degree of difference.

    "The data’s in! Women were lying about online harassment!”

    "Aha! We knew it!

    Yeah, they’ve been severely underreporting how bad things are for them, turns out.”

    "Wait, what?"

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  • burnsomesoulcoal:

    "Now go make me a sandwich"

    You’re literally so fucking incompetent that you can’t prepare filling and condiments between two slices of bread